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Digital community engagement for better results

Get more responses to your consultations, understand your community better than ever before & take forward your decisions with confidence

Image of phone displaying PlaceBuilder, digital engagement tool. The engagement reads: To what extent do you agree with the following statements followed by a likert scale.

Level up your engagement

Reach Wide

Icon of megaphone, signifying Reach Wide with PlaceBuilder

Meaningfully engage 7 times more people of all backgrounds and interests

Build Trust

Icon of Thumbs Up, signifying Build Trust with PlaceBuilder

Inspire your consultees and nurture positive and focused participation

Take Action

Icon of phone with charts and data, signifying Take Action with PlaceBuilder

Track defensible data and spatial insight, saving time with cutting-edge analytics

Trusted by Clients & Communities 

PlaceBuilder in Action

Image showing Glasgow's cityline. This takes users to Glasgow's Local Development Plan.

Glasgow's Local Development Plan

Image showing a map of Lewisham. The image takes users to the PlaceBuilder Low Traffic Neighbourhood case study.

Lewisham's Low Traffic Neighbourhood

Image shows a picture of Oxford's river and people on boats. The image takes users to our work with the Oxford-Cambridge/OxCam Arc

The Oxford-Cambridge Arc


"PlaceBuilder made it easier for us to incorporate community feedback into our designs.

This is vital to build trust and show we’re listening, and meant we could improve the neighbourhood in the way our communities wanted."

- Josh Learner, Low Traffic Neighbourhood Programme Manager, Lewisham Council

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