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AI Consultation Analysis: Revolutionising planning consultations

Save time and money with AI

We know analysing responses is time-consuming. Let our cutting-edge, AI-powered consultation analysis service save you weeks of time and thousands of pounds analysing lengthy consultation data.

Analysing and tagging comments manually is an arduous task, and for long consultations like Local Plans, this can take 100s of hours. To complicate matters, manual processing also introduces errors.

Our AI Consultation Analysis tool analyses your data overnight, saving you over 80% of your time or costs. It automatically organises and processes all comments captured in your digital engagements into a table. Each comment is sorted into your pre-defined topics or policies, a process called deductive coding. If a comment is about multiple topics, the table shows all relevant categories. It also provides summaries and whether the respondent is supportive or in objection to each policy or topic.

You can even create accurate, automatic reports of themes and statistics in the written feedback, to use in your Statement of Community
Involvement (SCI).

What’s more, we know that data security is critical to your business, but our customers can have peace of mind. 

Our practices and systems have been rigorously tested by independent cybersecurity experts, ensuring we are taking every precaution against hacking and phishing attacks. Using our proprietary AI system ensures your data is secure, not used to train AI, and never shares personal or sensitive data with AI. 

Available to PlaceBuilder subscribers and as a separate service for new customers. 

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  • Table filterable by column with search bar of all data, with columns: user id, question, answer comment, and AI topic classifications. Additional editor columns: star, add a comment with administrator changes recorded against the response.

  • Tool to set up your topics or policies (‘analysis codes”)

  • Analyses are initiated immediately and may take up to 24 hours to run.

  • Processes comments of up to 20,000 characters in length (about 4000 words)

  • The list of policies or topics can be up to 7400 characters in total, ie up to approx 115 policies/topics)

  • Export your results as CSV

  • GDPR-safe and cyber-secure

  • Standard Data Sharing Agreement

How it works

  • Simple to use service: upload your data and get your results within 3 working days (machine processing time may be longer for bigger datasets)

  • AI plus dedicated quality assurance by our skilled UK team

  • Developed in partnership with DLUHC and councils

  • Save money: Reallocate thousands of pounds of budget spending, optimising the time of highly qualified staff in time-stretched local authorities. 

  • Save weeks of time analysing comments to statutory consultations.

  • Welcome to the future of productivity

Additional features

  • AI workshop or roundtable with your team

  • Written reports explaining the results

  • Support with implementing insights and results

  • ‘Induced themes’ analysis

How planners are saving time with AI - Summary of benefits

Hear from Michelle Luscombe, Planning Policy Manager at Teignbridge District Council, as she describes some of the benefits of using The Future Fox's groundbreaking new AI system

How planners are saving time with AI - Summary of benefits
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