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Leading with integrity: The Future Fox approach to ethical AI in public engagement

The Future Fox AI in urban planning

The Government guide ‘Generative AI Framework for HMG’, on the safe and responsible use of generative AI in public engagement, highlights 5 main ethical considerations to be taken into account when using AI. Let’s have a look at each in turn and discover why The Future Fox’s AI Consultation Analysis service is the safe, affordable and ethical choice:

Transparency and explainability: Our service is fully traceable back to the original comment, so you can be sure that the summaries, tagging and analysis are reflective of the source comment.

Accountability and responsibility: Our governance framework includes clear roles and responsibilities within the organisation and for our users, and proactive risk management informed by the latest research, leading expertise and government guidance.  

The Future Fox are G-cloud listed suppliers, Cyber essentials plus certified and GDPR compliant

Fairness, bias and discrimination: Our AI service has actually been proven to reduce bias and review each comment with total objectivity, meaning natural human bias is not an issue. The result? You can be sure, regardless of the demographic mix of your respondents, that each comment will be treated with neutrality.

Information quality and misinformation: Our AI is constrained to only to summarise and analyse the data you provide, it doesn’t draw ideas or create, or ‘hallucinate’, content from anywhere else. So you can be sure that the data output we provide is accurate and representative of the original comments.

Keeping a human-in-the-loop: Our service was designed to keep human-in-the-loop. Not only is our analysis output vetted and quality assured by our team, but we also make sure to advise our clients to thoroughly review their analyses. We're committed to maintaining a human-centric approach, where our technology serves to enhance, not replace, the team of experts you have.

Our consultation analysis feature provides accurate analysis of consultation feedback and statistically robust consultation reports in just 3 days. It’s being used by customers like Sevenoaks District Council and Bolsover District Council to save their officers weeks of time analysing their Local Plan responses.

To find out more, or to try a free trial of our AI analysis on your data, book a demo

The Future Fox are multi-award-winning digital consultation platform


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