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PlaceBuilder is Supporting the Glasgow Community to Shape the Future of their City

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Discover how PlaceBuilder is supporting Glasgow Council to create their Local Development Plan

Glasgow City Council partnered with The Future Fox to receive community feedback on issues and preferences to help build their Local Development Plan. We were working to integrate local data to position community feedback as an integral part of Glasgow’s planning process. 

The Glasgow Local Development Plan was a particularly exciting project as for the first time, Glasgow City’s Council’s planners were able to visualise feedback in real-time and use PlaceBuilder’s in-depth spatial analysis to understand key trends. The project was run in partnership with Scottish Government.

The objective

Working with Glasgow City Council, our objective was to understand the views of 1,000 people for the New Glasgow City Development Plan, covering the whole of Glasgow. 

We planned to achieve this by engaging the community via PlaceBuilder with simple polls (based on NHS Scotland’s Place Standard Questions) and utilise interactive maps to capture geospatial data. 


PlaceBuilder supports planners to leap straight into the solution-making process, by giving them the spatial insight to respond to people’s aspirations for their area. 

Our rich spatial data showed the planners exactly what the community’s priorities were, and where on the map they could find the answers. PlaceBuilder supported the Glasgow City Council to spot trends through the mapping feature. This showed planners where clusters of collective views were grouped within the city, which was key to working out their spatial development plan.


Here’s what they found! 


Finnieston, Pollock Park and Carntyne were some of the most engaged areas in the city. Right at the top of their priorities were the economy and greener transport. 

The Local Development Plan engagement project revealed that the Glasgow community are passionate about their local economic development, stating that it has a close relationship to how they feel about their local area. 

The results also showed that there is an opportunity for more cycle path development with 96% of 16-24-year-olds concerned that cycling does not receive the same priority as cars and other traffic in the city. 


‘Streets, Buildings, Public & Natural Spaces’ was the most commented topic, with 266 different locations being highlighted on the map. The city’s next top priority according to the people, was Transportation.

PlaceBuilder's Impact

It’s still early days for the creation of Glasgow’s Local Development Plan, meaning that there’s still plenty of time to action the valuable community insight that they received. Glasgow City Council is working with the data in GIS, meaning that Glaswegians’ views are an integral part of the planning process. The next steps are to seize on the trends revealed in the engagement to shape the city development plan.

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"PlaceBuilder provides us with rich data that we can feed directly into our LDP evidence-gathering work and guide more effective collaboration with corporate partners. The client dashboard helps us maximise our reach by providing spatial and demographic engagement statistics.”

- Andy Dale, City Development Plan Manager, Glasgow City Council

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