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Our Approach

image of phone showing the OxCam Arc digital engagement with questions and likert scale on Air Quality and Waste in the area

We take care with every engagement project to provide both communities and planners with transparency, valuable insight and data-backed solutions. 

Our PlaceBuilder platform is flexible for clients to set up their projects to reflect their needs. We are at hand to provide expertise and suggestions on engagement questions to maximise quality data that reflect the consensus of the community. 


We work with three pillars of effective community engagement that empowers communities and planners.



We designed PlaceBuilder with transparency as a core value. PlaceBuilder supports clients to achieve a golden thread of data, linking engagement results to real-life action that can be communicated with transparency to consultees. 


Maximum Valuable Insight

Our data has shown that on average, consultees spend 5 minutes on an engagement, and we strive to make this worthwhile. PlaceBuilder gives you spatial analytics and data that you can actually use to spot solutions at the early stages of development


Solutions that Work


PlaceBuilder focuses on solutions and the potential for consensus. This approach supports even the most controversial schemes. PlaceBuilder supports communities to move the conversation from problem identification to resolution with data-backed output.


Once you have an understanding of stakeholder consensus and the gaps, clients can take one of 3 courses of action:

  1. Plan with your PlaceBuilder data. Use the rich feedback & engagement analytics as a technical data set alongside traditional feedback methods. Achieve a genuine co-creation with communities and build lasting trust.

  2. Work on consensus-building. This is if there’s an opportunity to provide further resources and influence community opinion.

  3. Ignore at your peril. Our team of experts do not recommend this!

Trusted by Communities & Clients

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