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Save time with AI

with automated consultation feedback analysis and reporting

Take the pain out of creating statutory reports like Reg 22 reports and Statements of Community Involvement (SCIs) and more with our industry-leading AI consultation analysis service

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Making consultation reporting fast and easy with AI

Planners spend a long time processing consultation feedback manually, often taking 100s of hours, especially for longer consultations like Local Plans and to create Statements of Community Involvement.

Our market-leading responsible AI solution is proven to save time. You can now process all your consultation text data, generate professional written and statistical reports, and keep all the analysis records for accountability.

Time and cost savings

Our customers report tangible time savings, helping them achieve consultation reports at 1/5th of the cost, saving weeks of time and thousands of pounds per project.


£3k agency fees


110 staff days, or £15k


42 staff days/ 14 minutes per comment


Regulation 22 report


Industry leading features

You can process all your consultation text data, generate professional written and statistical reports, and keep all the analysis records for accountability.

Process text comments received online as well as via documents eg. emails, letters, PDFs etc

Accurate, automated tagging of every comment

Match comments to local policies eg Local Plan

Support, Oppose or Neutral assessment per topic for every comment

Summarisation of long comments

Statistical analysis of the results

Summary reports with key issues, suggestions and statistics

Administrator controls

Automated summary reports

Elevate your consultation analysis with our automated summary reports.

Designed to streamline the review process, and aid in the development of Regulation 22 Consultation Statements and Statements of Community Involvement (SCIs), these reports automatically condense and highlight key insights from your consultation responses.

With automated summary reports, you can effortlessly turn complex data into actionable insights, enhancing the impact and efficiency of your consultation processes.

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Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

Undertsand your data better than ever before, and demonstrate your community involvement

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Regulation 22 reports

Demonstrate how your plan has been shaped by early,  effective engagement using community feedback analysed with AI

Save time with the Future Fox AI Local Plan data analysis.jpg

Local Plan responses

Analyse, summarise and categorise your community responses with ease, while keeping 'human in the loop'

Is my community data secure with AI?

Our approach to all data usage, including AI, rests on the highest standards and strict governance built with industry experts. What’s more, we’re cyber-certified and all your data is stored using industry gold standards on dedicated UK infrastructure.

GDPR, security and data governance following industry best practise

Manual quality assurance (human in the loop)

Cost optimisation

Data removal within 60 days


“I don't think there's any question that this technology has the potential to save significant time and money."

Michelle Luscombe - Planning Policy Manager at Teignbridge District Council

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