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PlaceBuilder: understand your community, better than ever before!

Image of Phone showing the OxCam/Oxford-Cambridge Arc Digitial Engagement with PlaceBuilder. It reads: Have your say on the future of your area with a start button to begin the consultation.
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PlaceBuilder is a cloud engagement platform that promotes positive community participation in planning. Our in-depth analytics and instant reporting support you in creating solutions for the issues that matter the most.

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Collaboration between communities and planners

Insight Led

Get feedback you can act on

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Get 8 times more active participants

Insight-led, our flexible digital platform helps you move from discussing issues and problems to actionable solutions that the community can get behind.

Data that makes a difference

With PlaceBuilder’s leading engagement data and insight, you can make planning decisions with confidence. Our advanced solution and mapping features show you what, and where your community’s priorities are. Unlock your community’s preferences and create people-focused places.

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Engage everyone

PlaceBuilder engages people of all backgrounds, computer literacy and understanding of the planning process. Our digital platform is mobile-first, accessible and easy to use, supporting you to receive 8 times the amount of responses you would with traditional survey methods.

Explore the trade-offs

Make informed decisions using cost impacts to design a new part of town from scratch, using our mobile-first, easy-to-use, Create-a-Town tool, designed for a modern, mobile and time-poor audience.

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Scale for every ambition

Whether you’re engaging on a local, city or regional project level, PlaceBuilder can be used at any scale, supporting you with your most ambitious plans.


"We like the journey that your product offers...speaking to people who are residents who don’t have an interest in planning but they live in the area and taking them on that journey all the way” 

- Devon County Council

Support from an Expert and Dedicated Team

We take a collaborative approach to working with you, to ensure you maximise the benefits of your transition to a new way of engaging residents. This includes supporting you on how to set up the engagement projects, how to use the data, and how to communicate your key messages back to stakeholders.

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Projects Supported by PlaceBuilder

Image of a group of cyclists in London.

Take a look at our Low Traffic Neighbourhood Case Study project and see how PlaceBuilder gave councillors and cabinet members confidence in taking forward the Lewisham masterplan as envisioned by the community.

Check out all of our projects supporting planners and communities alike here.

Trusted by clients and communities

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