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Engage your community like never before

The smartest way to engage communities - maximise inclusivity, boost productivity with AI, and streamline your consultations




The Future Fox's PlaceBuilder platform mobile view

How can PlaceBuilder help me reach more people in my community?

At The Future Fox, we're passionate about helping communities come together and make informed decisions. That's why we've created a comprehensive digital community engagement platform that makes it easy to connect with your community and gather feedback.

Whether you’re working on a local plan, creating a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN),  a housing development, or any other kind of public engagement, our platform is designed to maximise engagement rates, with a user-friendly setup that includes quick opinion polls, email capture and news pages.

Flexible and feature-rich for small to major projects

Industry-leading engagement rates & analytics

Expert team for support

World-first social value innovations

Welcome to PlaceBuilder: the ultimate digital engagement platform for governments and planners.

PlaceBuilder is a comprehensive digital engagement platform designed to help you connect with your community, gather meaningful feedback, and make informed decisions.


With a range of engagement tools, trusted insights, and quick setup options, PlaceBuilder is the ideal solution for any government or planner looking to engage their community in a meaningful way.

Trusted by governments, local authorities and the private sector

Whether you're a government entity or planner, PlaceBuilder equips you with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to engage your community, gather meaningful feedback, and drive informed decisions, while aligning with your strategic communications and budgetary goals.

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PlaceBuilder Northstowe dekstop and mobile consultation view

Flexible toolkit for all your consultations

The flexible toolkit that has all your consultation needs covered: choose from visual polls, maps, formal form-rich consultations, and gamified ways to activate your audience. And to make your life easy, the training package gets you creating your platform in an hour.


Easy & fun to use

Fully customisable

Save time and money with AI

We know analysing responses is time-consuming. Let our cutting-edge, AI-powered summarisation service save you weeks of time and thousands of pounds analysing lengthy consultation data.

Easy to set up


GDPR compliant

PlaceBuilder AI consultation summarisation example
The Future Fox PlaceBuilder mobile app screens

Maximise your engagement

User-friendly, mobile-first platform set-up, and tools to help you make the most engaging and successful digital consultations, as well as email capture and news pages, leading to 8x higher engagement rates than traditional surveys.

700% more


Mobile first design

Fully accessible

Trusted insights & real time analytics

We get quality, credible insights and save weeks of analysis effort, by deploying cutting-edge data science direct to your dashboard. Join the best of the industry - 100% of our clients recommend us with references, and rate our service and software as Excellent.

Cutting edge analytics

Easy to export & report

Real time data

PlaceBuilder analytics dashboard desktop example

Cost-effective social media service

Short of time to get the word out? No worries! PlaceBuilder offers a cost-optimal social media service to help you boost community engagement and reach a more diverse demographic.

Targeted, cross platform

Cost effective

Full set up service

PlaceBuilder social insights feature example

What our clients say

Don't just take our word for it! You can be confident in your decision to use PlaceBuilder, with a 100% client recommendation rate and excellent service and software ratings. What's more, we're cyber essentials plus certified, and all your data is stored using industry gold standards on dedicated UK infrastructure

"The engagement rate was fantastic, and we have tangible results. The dashboard was very useful to keep track of how things were going."

Harry Burchill, Epsom & Ewell Council

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