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We're One of the Leading Startups that's Greening Government: States Regenerate by StateUp

The Future Fox have been included in the new research from StateUp, States Regenerate as one of the startups greening government.

We have been highlighted for our innovation and expertise in community engagement.

"Despite global efforts, the planet remains on track for a century of rising seas, expanding deserts, and flooded cities.

Governments are responding by setting out plans for a ‘green recovery’ from the pandemic, and setting increasingly ambitious net-zero targets. But States Regenerate argues that government must look beyond the economy alone if global decarbonisation targets are to be met. To address the climate crisis, governments must also focus on decarbonising their own organisations and operations. States Regenerate finds that one of governments’ most powerful tools to address the climate crisis is their £7.8 trillion global combined annual procurement spend. The research suggests five areas where green technology innovation, combined with policy levers, could put the public sector on a path to sustainability, and send a powerful signal to other sectors too. States Regenerate features expert comment from leading researchers at Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, and more. The report also lists 50 of the highest quality startups globally that are helping to green government."

Read all about it here:


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