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PropTech Engagement Fund: trade-offs and deep local insights

We're pleased to be working with two of the thirteen pioneering Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) who were awarded funding through the PropTech Engagement Fund Round 1; 🎉 Bolsover District Council and Greater Cambridge Shared Planning! They're both using our digital engagement platform PlaceBuilder to understand communities more deeply than ever.

Greater Cambridge Shared Planning are working with us to view insights from social media comments relevant to their Local Plan and related planning issues. Our expert data scientists and tech team are working collaboratively with the Cambridge team to load powerful spatial visualisations of local insights on their PlaceBuilder dashboard. This will have implications across their work on the Local Plan, masterplanning and development.

Bolsover District Council are using PlaceBuilder and our social media ad package to engage the Shirebrook community to create a Growth Plan for Shirebrook, which will set out how the town will change over the next five years and beyond. We're deploying our polling and mapping features, as well as a fun, mobile first trade-off feature. Bolsover's planning team envisions a digital planning system that produces policies and site allocations based on data rather than documents, and want the whole community to get involved to create their future.

We're looking forward to sharing more soon.

The PropTech Engagement Fund is one route that Government (DLUHC, Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities) is enabling local authorities and the thriving UK PropTech market to 'level up' the British planning system and make consultation far more democratic. Read more about it here.

We're pleased that a key focus area has been on increasing inclusivity - hearing from younger people, people of ethnic groups other than white, people who don't own a home - so that local authorities are equipped to make the best decisions for the future of their diverse communities.

Did you know that 75% of the community engage in planning on their mobile phones? Find out more about how we captivate the mobile audience on PlaceBuilder.


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