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PlaceBuilder platform featured in Scottish Government's Digital Strategy

The Future Fox are proud that our innovative, community engagement platform, PlaceBuilder, is a core part of the Scottish Government's £35 million five-year programme to make it easier for planners to work together and for members of the public to get involved in creating and shaping their places.

Liz Pringle, Head of Digital Planning for the Scottish Government, said;

"Placebuilder is a key aspect of our commitment to better engagement and increasing civic participation in planning, as highlighted in the recent publication of 'Transforming Places Together - Scotland's Digital Strategy for Scotland', 2020 "

Launched on 23rd November by the Housing Minister Kevin Stewart, the Digital Planning strategy sets an ambitious bar for involving communities bottom-up in the planning system.

The Digital Strategy follows work The Future Fox has done with Scottish Government over the last 12 months to adapt our platform to local datasets and client needs, piloting on Glasgow's Local Development Plan. Initially engaged through CivTech, the public sector innovation programme, successful piloting led to a significant programme to work closely with the Scottish Government digital planning team to help local authorities and communities collaborate on area planning.

All local authorities in Scotland will have access to a community subscription to PlaceBuilder, which they can draw from 22nd December 2020.


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