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Oxford-Cambridge Arc Consultation Initial Insights and Final Week

The Future Fox is proud to share the first insight into the globally significant

Oxford-Cambridge Arc consultation.

PlaceBuilder, The Future Fox’s innovative digital engagement platform has been

used by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities to connect

with communities and stakeholders within the Arc.

Community involvement at this scale has never been done before on strategic

planning issues. We’re making strategic spatial planning the most accessible,

democratic and data-enabled it's ever been.

At the time of writing, there are over 2,000 responses to the consultation with ‘The

Environment’ leading as the topic of greatest interest. To support our mission to

hear from all demographics we have developed a careful and cost-effective

social ad strategy. As a result, we have received significantly more responses

from people who have never responded to a planning consultation before.

Minister of State for Housing, Christopher Pincher has been supportive of the

consultation process, engaging with the community on site and has promoted

our digital engagement via Twitter.

“@ChrisPincher: Residents and people with an interest in the area can still

have their say on the future of the Arc. Cheering megaphone

Our consultation is designed to give the wider community a voice to help

shape the area. Have your say here:”

On the 30th September, The Future Fox CEO Annette Jezierska spoke on a panel

hosted by Bidwells at the London Real Estate Forum. She was joined by industry

leaders including the Deputy Directors for the OxCamArc Saba Tahzib and Lucy

Wilkins, DLUHC, and Professor Sadie Morgan OBE. They discussed key insight into

the challenges of aligning a transport, environment and housing strategy

cohesively across the region while meeting the needs of the whole community,

including residents, businesses and universities.

Until the first of the three planned consultations phase one ends on the 12th

October, the Ox-Cam Arc community will be able to comment on important

topics such as the environment, the economy, local travel, infrastructure and

housing via PlaceBuilder, to help create the vision for the Spatial Framework. This

innovative platform has been optimised for mobile, giving even more people the

opportunity to get involved rather than relying on traditional consultation

methods. PlaceBuilder has been designed with accessibility needs as a priority,

creating equal access for all. It is our aim to encourage and support the voices of

everyone who would like to be involved.

“We think it’s fundamental that the 3+ million people in the local communities are

in the driving seat of these changes. With our innovative technology, for the first

time we’re making engagement in government planning policy accessible, and

deeply understanding community preference that will inform major changes for

decades to come.” - Annette Jezierska, CEO The Future Fox

The Oxford-Cambridge Arc comprises the 5 counties of Oxfordshire,

Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

The Future Fox is a technology company with a social mission to accelerate the

development of smart, sustainable and people-focused places.


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