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Active Travel in Newtown, Exeter

Exeter City Council wants to hear from you about how to make your streets safer and more pleasant. With your feedback they want to increase ‘Active Travel’, which means making more short journeys (or parts of journeys) by foot or bicycle rather than by car.

The online consultation will be carried out in two phases:

Phase 1 - 22nd March until 19th April. The Newtown community is welcomed to the PlaceBuilder platform to participate in an online “poll” which asks questions on walking, cycling, traffic, public transport and places to be active – you can choose which issues you would like to rate. You can also share your ideas and aspirations for Newtown in the comment boxes.

If you are local to Newtown, there is still time to engage and have your voice heard on active transport matters. Head over to and contribute to the positive future of your neighbourhood.

Phase 2 - Summer 2021 The feedback from phase 1 and PlaceBuilder will inform a set of proposals looking at issues raised and potential solutions. This phase may include pop up trials so that Exeter Council can monitor their impact, gather local opinion and assess whether to make any changes permanent.

They expect this phase to take place in summer 2021.


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