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Scottish PlaceBuilder Subscriptions

The Scottish Government will be awarding 32 PlaceBuilder subscriptions to community organisations or Local Authorities to support their community-scale projects.

The Future Fox is proud to have our PlaceBuilder platform featured in the Scottish Government’s Digital Strategy. PlaceBuilder is a key aspect of the Scottish Government’s commitment to better engagement and increasing civic participation in planning.


PlaceBuilder is an inclusive digital engagement platform to get more responses to consultations, understand communities better than ever before, and take forward decisions with confidence. The platform’s designed to be configured to a wide range of engagement and consultation needs, with features like visual polling, voting, mapping and participatory budgeting. It's been used by clients like HM Government, Devon County Council, Lewisham Council, on schemes covering 10,000 people to 3 million. You can find out more about PlaceBuilder here

The Scottish Government are awarding one community-scale subscription for use in each of the 32 local authorities in Scotland. The Scottish Government will be contacting eligible organisations directly.

If you would like to find out more about using PlaceBuilder for your project, please do get in touch

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