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The Future Fox scoops PlanTech prize

The Future Fox won a start-up pitch contest focused around housing solutions at Connected Places Catapult’s CityX event yesterday in London.

The judges were Izhar Ul-Haq, business development manager, STFC Innovations; Paul Taylor, innovation coach, Bromford; and Rafe Bertram, partner, Foster & Partners.

Other businesses which pitched and exhibited solutions were:

  • AccuCities: Creates custom 3D city models

  • BIOHM: Develops bio-based materials for use in ‘circular construction’

  • ELAD Network: Blockchain marketplace platform for real estate transactions

  • FUZZLAB: AI chatbot technology for the social housing sector

  • Gapotape: A product to eradicate air leakage and thermal bridging where rigid boards are fitted between rafters in roofs, walls and floors

  • Kemuri: Smart power sockets which use machine learning to monitor daily routines and raise automated alerts where necessary

  • Landmark: Environmental risk information and solutions for the property industry

  • Safecility: A building compliance “concierge” to simplify legal fulfilment

  • Safe House: A mains-powered LoRA-connected sensor that monitors electricity, temperature and humidity as well as detecting carbon monoxide and smoke

  • Tiascope: Provides transport models for residential site locations in seconds

  • Urban Intelligence: Analyses data to identify land for development

  • UrbanTide: A real-time innovation platform which unlocks data from silos


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