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Unlocking community-driven development for a master developer

HWP PlaceBuilder consultation preview on Mobile and Desktop

Discover how PlaceBuilder helped Hanwood Park diversify feedback and take forward their planning decisions with confidence

Hanwood Park is one of the most ambitious new housing developments in the UK and will include 5,500 homes on completion, as well as schools, shops, employment centres, and recreational facilities.

Hanwood Park LLP is the master developer on site and is working in collaboration with a number of well-known housebuilders to secure planning permission for the next phase of their site:

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Recognising a need to keep their community at the heart of the decision-making process, Hanwood Park required an innovative, user-friendly and mobile-first digital engagement solution to kickstart a series of planning digital engagements. 


They chose PlaceBuilder, The Future Fox's digital engagement platform. Using our easy-to-set-up platform, with a range of innovative tools, Hanwood Park crafted a consultation with personalised branding and questions on key topics like sustainability and wellbeing.

How did Hanwood Park use PlaceBuilder?


Our PlaceBuilder platform provides the customised, engaging solutions needed for major developments like Hanwood Park. Working in tandem with The Future Fox’s dedicated Customer Success team, Hanwood Park was able to bring their consultation to life in under 7 days. They took advantage of some of PlaceBuilder's most compelling features to do so:

Flexible branding options - Using PlaceBuilder’s suite of branding options, the team at Hanwood Park LLP were able to craft an engaging, mobile-first, on-brand consultation which ensured their community was able to give their valuable feedback on a site which represented Hanwoods Park's own customer-facing media.

Interactive polls - With numerous question types and flexible set-up available, Hanwood Park were able to craft a multi-topic consultation which covered key issues, such as Vision and Masterplan, Sustainability, Active lifestyles and Health and education.

Cost-optimised social media promotion - A targeted social media campaign was created to ensure the consultation was distributed to a diverse section of the local community, through social media channels such as Facebook.

Best-in-class analytics - PlaceBuilder promotes cross-departmental teamwork, making it easier to track progress, share learnings, and foster continuous improvement. Key members of the Hanwood Park LLP team were able to instantly access PlaceBuilder’s analytics suite to get quality, actionable insights and save weeks of analysis effort!

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The result: actionable insights and an engaged, diverse community

The partnership between The Future Fox and Hanwood Park LLP serves testament to the positive power of community engagement in local planning. The consultation's success in capturing a representative and diverse range of voices has ensured the community continues to have a meaningful way to provide its valuable, actionable data, allowing the developer to remain responsive and adaptable to the evolving needs of its community.


With a commitment to continuous engagement and collaboration, The Future Fox continues to work closely with Hanwood Park, ensuring the developers get more responses to consultations, understand their communities better than ever before, and take forward decisions with confidence.

To find out more, or to request a demo, get in touch.

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