Insight-led, our flexible digital platform helps you move from discussing issues and problems to actionable solutions that the community can get behind.


PlaceBuilder: a community engagement platform that moves you forwards

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Be Insight-led

Get the pulse on local issues and priorities through polls, sentiment analysis and mapping to gain more in-depth insights. Keep engagement rates high with an easy-to-use and action-focused design. Easily integrate your existing planning data on a zoomable map with UK datasets for fast configuration.

Create solutions for ambitious plans

Be confident in your plans by optioneering solutions with the community at an early stage.  Promote positive and focused participation to support your policy outcomes. Draw from our content library to build user-friendly descriptions and understand hyperlocal sentiment.

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Collaborate with a dedicated team

We take a collaborative approach to working with you, to ensure you maximise the benefits of your transition to a new way of engaging residents. This includes supporting you on how to set up the engagement projects, how to use the data, and how to communicate your key messages back to stakeholders.

Geospatial and Text Analysis

Instantly view user feedback on your easy-to-use dashboard with summary data and a detailed interactive map, to quickly identify insights and how to adjust your outreach. Powerful natural language processing identifies the most frequently suggested ideas so you can start building actionable and community-driven solutions, supported by data. 


Interactive tools and engagement

Make the planning process accessible to a more diverse group of people with our online outreach tools, that empower and inspire community members to engage with their local area. 

Share the data that moves your forward

To get on the same page as your stakeholders, you can share easy to read data visualisations upload spatial data to style and map instantly through our data upload feature.


GDP, Data Protection​ and Cyber secure

All information provided to us by our users and clients is maintained in strict accordance with GDPR and Data Protection laws, and supported by user-friendly privacy policies.


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